Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tutorial Treasury: Lolita

Well, about time I make another fashion post.

As a semi-DIY person (I say 'semi' because I'm usually too lazy to do it, although I'm going to see about stealing my Auntie's sewing machine and getting back to it) I looove tutorials. With a burning passion. I really really love them.

So! I decided to pass this love onto my readership, here are some of the Lolita Tutorials I've found useful.

"Dirndl"-Styled skirt. (Simple Lolita Skirt)
I have to say, this video is very well done, and I have the great desire to try and make this skirt, seeing as I dramatically need to improve my Lolita wardrobe. (And I do mean dramatically.) It's easy to do, and a pretty nice tutorial. The only issue I have is the distinct lack of mathematic equations to figure out things like how large to make each panel, but I can live without it~

The EGL Memories
Alright. Chances are if you're a Lolita reading this, you've already been to EGL, and I'm just posting the same old news. All the same, if there's even one Lolita who has never visited here before, then I've done my job and done it well. (And I've done an even better job if there was a non-Lolita who saw some of these and now wants to get into the fashion. More on that later... maybe. Someone needs to poke me with the hot iron again so I can remember to post half the things I promise to post.)

Dark Elements' Lolita and Steampunk-related Tutorials
So. Much. Love. (I know for a fact I'm going to do an uber-love post about Dark Elements later.) There are tutorials for various Lolita things here, and I would recommend you invest in a few of them.

Things to look for in a tutorial:

Is it informitive? Tutorials should teach and inform, the person making it should know what they're talking about!

Is it helpful? This is just my learning style, but are there pictures included? Does the person show step-by-step instructions?

Is the maker well-informed? Anyone can make a tutorial for a "Lolita Skirt", and give you instructions for a super-short skirt with bad lace all over the place that just looks tacky and awful. How much does the person making the tutorial even know about what they're teaching about?

Does the finished product look professional, or at least good? If not? Probably should want to skip the tutorial. If the seamstress/seamster who made the guide can't do it right, then maybe it's not the best guide.
Personally, my favorite kind of tutorial has step-by-step instructions, mathematical equations to figure out sizing, and 1+ pictures for each step so I can follow along and know what I'm doing. Likewise, my dear Fiancee only needs the general words, and can go from there. People learn in different ways, and there are tutorials for every learning style. All you need to do is look!

Seeing as this was a small list, I will likely add more later, but in the meantime, feel free to write me with any questions/concerns/ideas you might have and whatnot~

In the meantime, look out for:

"The 'Rules' of Fashions"
"How to Survive Your First Convention"
"Review: Dark Elements"

And all that comes with it. Enjoy, my dearies~

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