Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Silversark on Etsy

(Note: Picture taken from Silversark's Etsy page, found under "Off-White Blouse with Detachable Sleeves -Plus Size" I do NOT take credit for this picture, as it belongs to Ms. Stephanie of Silversark, thank you~)

This is a seller that I've bought from twice, and would certainly recommend for just about anyone wanting to get into Lolita.

Silversark is run by Ms. Stephanie, who is a fantastic seamstress with reasonable prices for her high-quality clothing. She has items that would work in any Lolita's wardrobe, be you Gothic, or Sweet (heck, a few of her pieces are very friendly to Classical Lolitas like myself.) I happened to buy my first Lolita pieces from her, and they have served me well over the time I've worn them. Her clothing is reasonably priced (and very cheap where Lolita is concerned), and I would recommend her for beginner Lolitas who aren't necessarily sure if they want to dive headfirst into the fashion.

The two things I bought from her are This beautiful offwhite blouse and This gorgeous Classical skirt. Both pieces are sewn to perfection, without any corners cut. Ms. Stephanie doesn't mess around when it comes to customer satisfaction (noted by the fact that she and I exchange many messages on Etsy so I'm completely informed about the quality and details about all of her items.)

Silversark is recommended for beginner and advanced Lolitas alike, and I give her high reviews. Let's break it down, shall we?

Service: 10/10 Ms. Stephanie is always prompt and polite in her responses, and is always happy to help me with coordination ideas with her creations. She's always been willing to tell me about the little details in her pieces, and never leaves a detail out if I ask for it. She's honest, straightforward, and very nice.

Shipping: 10/10 She usually ships out the same day of payment, or the next day if things come up (which have never happened when I purchase from her.) Seeing as I live a good many states over from her, shipping is usually about three or so days, so I'm never waiting more than five days. Everything is shipped in a Priority Mail box with plastic wrapping protecting the clothes. In my experience, her shipping usually doesn't exceed eight dollars within the USA.

Quality: 9/10 I have never had a problem with the clothing itself, as I've said before, seams are serged, everything is in place. However, the only complaint I could have is that it sometimes seems that the skirts themselves are plain, relying more on the design instead of little details that make things exciting. They're good for beginner Lolitas, but I think some of the skirts could use a little more details (maybe extra ruffling, use of overskirts and underskirts combined, just little extra details.)

Fit: 9/10 The ONLY reason I am giving this a 9/10 is because of the blouse. The offwhite blouse is said to fit a bust to 44in. I expected the waist to be a little larger on me, but the bust surprised me, seeing as it was slightly snug (not tight or anything, but not loose like the waist was), and I have a 39in bust. If a girl with a 44in bust had ordered this blouse, they might have had gaping holes between the buttons (this is an assumption, not a garunteed promise.)

Overall, her shop is rated a 9.5/10, meaning I highly recommend it.

Happy shopping, dears~

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