Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Everyday Princess

Lineart by Rei. Colour-job by Yours Truly.

Disclaimer: Now that I think about it, this could apply to men as well, so I suppose I should call this "The Everyday Princess (Or Prince)"... but my laziness keeps me from doing such a thing. Just remember that this applies to men as well~

For those who live life with a more... fancy flair, things can be a little bit difficult. How does one go about grocery shopping in a hoopskirt? Is it really necessary to wear a full cape, mask, and gown whilst studying for a test? What about those dreaded first dates? School? Work? The lists are endless, and unfortunately, they cause trouble for people in any subculture that dictates a more... dramatic fashion sense.
What can you do? When your heart tells you to go all out, but society says to be like everyone else? it's difficult, sometimes even downright painful. I know many tears have been shed over wanting to go to school in my "Sunday Best", while Mom is lamenting why her daughter can't dress in jeans and a t-shirt like her peers.

Unfortunately, no one can get entirely what they want. That's why they invented compromise~

Of course, it's hard to give up the things you love, even for a day, but sometimes you have to give a little to suceed in life. For example, the local Goth going into a job interview with all the dark and decadent finery. Or the Lolita going on her first date looking like a Deco Alice in Wonderland in pastel blues and pinks. While these may be fine for nightclubs, meetups, concerts, and other fun get-togethers, they don't work well in day-to-day life. The odd thing is, to "Dress up", you have to dress down.

For the local Goths, no one speaks the word better than the Lady of the Manners (my idol) from Gothic Charm School. She advises that wearing a black suit with a red or purple undershirt or necktie is a good way to show that you're a little darker-inclined than the average person, but not enough to scare off potential employers. You're not donning a peach blazer, but you're also not decked out in everything. A couple of jewelry pieces could work, but when each finger is donned in those fun finger-armor things, that's not sending out a good picture.

For the Lolitas? Again, dressing down is key. Going Classical or Casual is your best bet here. Classical, because of the more toned-down designs, and Casual because... well... it's casual. Wearing an elegant blouse with a toned-down skirt and minimal poof is enough to show that you're well-dressed, but not over-the-top. Now would be the time to leave out all of the deco, the OTT anything. (That includes OTT Gothic, as much as I love it. Or OTT Classical-- if there is such a thing.) Again, to dress up, we need to dress down.-- Odd a concept as that is.

First dates? Oh, romance is in the air. (Might want to reference my "Dating in the Subculture" post for more information there.) You don't want to hide who you are, but gradual exposure is your best bet here. Again, the same thing you wear for an interview could work here. And always put your best foot forward. If there is a particular outfit piece that makes you feel confident, then wear it! Wear it with pride and build your outfit around that one piece. One thing dates notice most of all is confidence. And the sexiest thing on a man or woman is confidence.

As always, moderation is key. As much as we'd like to go all-out every day, it just can't always happen. Hoopskirts tend to knock things over at grocery stores. Masks make it hard to see your textbooks. And goodness gracious, looking like you just stepped out of the crypt will scare off your dates. (Unless, of course, they're into that.)

Of course, if there is anything you want to see more of, please write to me, drat it!

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