Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do You Accept the Challenge? - May

Weeell, I suppose I'm a little late in the year to start off a year-round thing, but who cares! Better late than never, right?

Well, I got the idea off of Princessly Living to do a series of challenges.

So what, praytell, is my challenge?

Branch out your horizons!

Be it fashion, food, language, culture, or anything in life, we won't gain anything if we just sit around in the same old routine all the time. (Well, we will gain monotony, but who wants that? I sure don't!) So this challenge is to branch out and try something different for a change~

For example, I, being the pink-hating person that I have been for years on end, actually seriously considered a pink gown for Graduation. It didn't end up fitting (and I ended up getting a beautiful white lacey one instead.) But the important thing is that, as much as I hated pink in years past, genuinely tried it out, and, had it fit, would have gotten it to wear.

Likewise, in the past months, I have been trying new foods (Curry, my gracious, I love it too~) New media (branching out from my usual steadfast reference/nonfiction books only into some more whimsical tales. Oh, and Sherlock Holmes, I'm in love with it now.)

So my challenge is to try out something you've shied away from in past years. If you're a girly-girl, maybe try out a new sport. (Yes. The sport-hater in me is actually suggesting it. Even if it's a girly sport like badmitton, it's something.) For the casual gent, try dressing up a bit this month, see if it doesn't make you feel sharp and ready for anything. If your boyfriend (or girlfriend, if you happen to have one like me) is begging you to play videogames with him, then try it out!

Be it food, fashions, or anything else, broadening your horizons is a great way to learn things about yourself. You're not going to change overnight. (Goodness knows I -still- can't handle spicy foods, so I get a nice yogurt shake with my curry and order milder dishes), but you may find you like something you never thought you would.

So, my loves, go forth, and live your lives, learn new things, and enjoy yourselves~

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