Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I Shouldn't Design

Disclaimer: I designed and came up with the things pictured here, unless I specifically say that I didn't. Feel free to use any of these designs to dress your characters, make Lolita dress up games, or make for yourself. But please, if you do, show me! ... And, y'know, credit me if you sell anything made with these designs, I'd appreciate it. You're free to sell them, but credit where you got the designs, please and thank you~

Well, today is going to be more of a photo-dump due to my extreme boredom and lack of anything better to write. (Seriously, guys. I will not bite if you write to me and tell me what you want to read!)

So, one of the things I love doing is designing clothes. They're usually Lolita clothes, but they're fun nonetheless. And almost always: They're based on a character or two of mine. Or a character from a videogame, or something.

So here is my photodump for you all, some are coloured, most are not, and since I cannot draw, I trace Pixel Bases. A lot.

This dress is based off of two of my OCs: Harra and Verwirrter Schwarz. I got really bored and wondered that, if Harra's Student Robes were Lolita, what would they look like. Due to this, I got a similar idea for an Aristocratic Schwarz. Ahh, the fun I have~

Another Lolita ensemble. This one being based on Mannimarco: King of Worms of Elder Scrolls fame.
What are you taking about? Manni is SO rori, right, gais? ... *Ahem*

This one is just a random page of Lolita designs.

There will probably be more at other times, but this is just my "I'm bored, so let's post things~" Sort of days.

Speaking of which: What are your opinions on alternative fashion outfits based on characters? Is it Cosplay if it isn't exactly like the character? I've always tried to make my designs outlandish, but not anything I wouldn't wear on a day-to-day basis. (... Could be because my day-to-day clothing is outlandish anyway, but let's forget that discrepency.) What are your thoughts?

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